Looking at the Kencana Mining Efforts in Indonesia

Gold mining efforts, want capital with a large amount. But this is proportional to the profit you will get. Mineral and coal mining in Indonesia, has become one of the most promising endeavors and occupies the initial stage of the country’s revenue base, when compared to other types of business. From the current system era to the present, the gold mining business has always been favored by entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Moreover, many foreign investors have invested in the gold mining zone in this country.

The reason is that efforts in the mining aspect indeed share quite tempting results. So that it is not confusing if there are many entrepreneurs who carry out capital in the gold mining sector.

Opportunities for Golden Mining Efforts in Indonesia

Investment Consultant Business in Indonesia ~ Opportunities for gold mining efforts in Indonesia are categorized as good and profitable. Remembering the state of the country, especially in the political, economic and social aspects, it supports and is assisted by the price of natural gold which is considered normal. So, the current gold mining business activity can run quite easily. There are also several significant aspects that affect the opportunity for a gold mining factory in Indonesia, including:

  • Strength Aspec

The gold mining zone is one of the pillars for advancing the national economy and is one type of factory that has a significant contribution to the development of citizens in Indonesia. The source of the energy of the golden mineral which is still abundant, and the high cost as an export item, is an important source of natural energy.

Can increase the attention of investors to fund in the mining sector. Although the mining profit figures in Indonesia are still categorized as small compared to figures in general, in general terms. However, the profit figure from gold mining investment in Indonesia is currently quite strong.

  • Weakness Aspect

The difficulty of mining regulations to control in the maximum way legal or illegal mining companies is an important issue that is a weakness in mining factories. Moreover, the regulations between the central and regional authorities are often not comprehensive in their implementation. In addition, there is also chaos in mineral and coal regulations. This situation can cause losses that are felt not only for entrepreneurs but also for the country.

  • Challenge Aspect

Talks about aspects of challenges, to the toughest challenges that must be faced, namely when there is a paradigm shift in various zones. The illustration is, if the change takes place in a political zone, where the political instability of a country, the export destination causes there to be a separation of export activities of gold mining products. Meanwhile, gold has been processed into the basic material.

Then in the social zone, there is land subsidence, a good effort for investigation purposes or the use of mines for the construction of social facilities. Another illustration is in the area zone, where there is a negative stigma among residents that mining efforts always have an unfavorable result in the area because there is a stubborn gold mining industry that does not pay close attention to the significance of the analysis system due to area.

  • Opportunity Aspect

Through the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program, it is known that the Kencana mining zone has a very active function in improving the community of residents in the mining area. Good in economic aspects, learning, health as well as empowerment for young people. Progress in all aspects is of the nature of mutualism. That is, interrelated and profitable with each other.

The large number of mining blueprints in Indonesia, is estimated to be able to provide better opportunities for increasing safety for residents, especially communities near mining zones, because many professional squares are open. In this way, income also increases and can be used to support desires, not only desires for life but also education and health.

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