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20 Mining Objects in Indonesia and Their Distribution

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Mining in Indonesia is not a new thing anymore, because it is well known that this country has a lot of various minerals, metals, and rocks. So, naturally, mining activity in Indonesia is very large. Indonesia has various types of mining products which are also used as export goods and for domestic use.

Let’s get to know the various minerals and natural wealth of Indonesia hereafter. There are various types of mining objects in Indonesia, but do you understand what mining means? In short, the interpretation of mining is the base of natural energy that cannot be renewed and provides many benefits for people.

The exploitation of this natural mineral is very large in various aspects of people’s lives. Starting from being used as fuel, the basic material for factories, the basic material for spare parts of transportation equipment, buildings, and various other benefits. At present, its use is not only used to fulfill desires in the country, but also in other countries. Exports of these minerals reach millions of tons every year.

Grouping of Mining Objects in Indonesia and Their Distribution

Various sources of natural energy from the bowels of nature exist in the archipelago, thus becoming a source of national income. Each area has its own source of energy that is its mainstay. The following are the 20 results of Indonesia’s energy base and their distribution:

1. Coal

Investment Consultant Indonesia  ~ Coal is a mineral that is commonly found in nature. Its utilization can be as fuel, factory basic material, as well as various other benefits. All areas of Kalimantan, West Sumatra, Tanjung Enim, as well as Bengawan Berau are coal traffickers.

2. Natural Gas

The circulation of natural gas in Indonesia covers the areas of Aceh, Bontang, Strong, and Natuna Island. Its use is as an electricity generator, LPG, the basic material for plastic factories, and fuel for transportation.

3. Petroleum

The majority of mining objects in Indonesia are located in Java and Sumatra, such as Lhokseumawe, Ambang Enim, Cilacap, Majalengka, Sorong, and Kalimantan. Can be used as fuel for transportation or for making plastic.

4. Gold

The distribution of this precious metal is mostly in the eastern region of the archipelago, such as Papua, Maluku, Sulawesi, or the areas of Java and Sumatra. The benefits are 52% made of jewelry, the more for buildings, electronic products, as well as food.

5. Silver

This mining object in Indonesia is commonly found in the Bengkalis, Cikotok, Meulaboh, and Rejang Lebong areas. Its benefits are not only as a basic material for jewelry, but also for making household appliances.

6. Phosphate

It is a mineral from a compound in bat droppings and limestone. Its distribution is in the area of ​​​​the island of Java, such as Bogor, Pangandaran, Jepara, Gombong, and Rembang. Its use as the basic material for fertilizer factories.

7. Diamond

The diamond mining area is located in the Kalimantan area, such as Martapura. Not only as jewelry, it can also be used as a drill bit on the machine because of its hard character.

8. Platinum

Mining objects in Indonesia, white gold or white gold, are often found in the Bengkalis, Riau, and Martapura areas. Commonly used as jewelry, electrical contacts, pacemakers, and the like.

9. Aluminum

Mining objects in Indonesia in the form of aluminum are found in the Papua region and are used as material for making cooking utensils, furniture, and utensils.

10. Gypsum

Gypsum mining is found in the areas of Cirebon, Rembang, NTB, North Sulawesi and South Sulawesi. Its use is mostly for ceramic factories.

11. Nickel

This shiny metal is scattered in areas of Sulawesi Island such as Soroako and Pomala. Usefulness as a material combination of iron or copper to make bronze or brass.

12. Tin

Tin grains are found in Bangka, Riau, Karimun and Manggara islands. Usually used for wrapping candy, cigarettes, chocolate, and the like.

13. Copper

The reddish metal found in the bowels of nature is distributed in the Papua region. Its use is for architectural factories, shipbuilding, and water pipes.

14. Marble

This natural stone is widely used as a ceramic maker material. The distribution area includes Tulungagung, Banjarnegara, and Trenggalek.

15. Sulfur

Sulfur is a common chemical factor, generally in mountainous areas and blazing mountains. For example the Dieng area, Mount Solok, Mount Kerinci, and others. used for fertilizer, plastic, or paint factories.

16. Manganese

Manganese is a very hard but weak gray transition metal. The distribution area is Tasikmalaya, Kirpan, and Martapura. Generally used for a combination of steel or battery manufacture.

17. Bauxite

Bauxite is used as an important material for the manufacture of aluminum and in chemical plants. The distribution area in Sumatra is Riau, West Kalimantan, and Bangka Belitung.

18. Limestone

Limestone or limestone is a type of rock that can be found in all areas of Indonesia’s clear sea waters, especially those that are warm and shallow. Its utilization as the basic material of the factory.

19. Asphalt

The asphalt circulation covers the island of Buton, Permigan Wonokromo, and Southeast Sulawesi as well as East Java.

20. Iron Rock

Iron rocks are mostly found in mountainous areas or large fields, such as Cilacap, Cilegon, Longkana, Derawan Island, and South Kalimantan.

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