Complete Guidance on the Method of Buying Shares Makes Beginners Investors

method of buying shares

Does anyone know the method of buying shares? The majority here, there are many people who want to share capital, but do not know the method of buying.

the best penny stocks to invest in isn’t a terrible problem why. It’s just like an ordinary person, stock capital is very similar to a runnyam, requires a lot of money, and not a few who think that it is familiar with loss.

Well, don’t surrender before fighting! Understand and first trace this one with a good capital and correct. After that, stabilizing the mind (and funds, of course) make a stock purchase.

Well, then this is a complete guidance on the correct method of buying shares. Come on, listen to the statement.

1. Open a securities account

method of buying shares

First open the account, now you can get capital (Tribunnews)

Ok, first of all, you must know that the stock has a match with the funds. Both require an account.

But the comparison is, if you open a fund account you will go to the bank agent office adrift. Conversely, if you want to open a stock account or an impact account, you must attend the deposit market agent or agent.

The beginning of this account can also be tried online. You just need to fill out the forms held on the deposit market industry sites. After that, you will be sent a form to be signed, and the form must also be sent back to the destination office of the deposit securities industry for verification.

2. Include a supplementary deed

method of buying shares

KTP (News 6)

Not only returning the registration form submitted by the deposit securities industry, you are also required to include another deed. The documents are in the form of:

  • – Personal proof card: can be in the form of a KTP or passport. Don’t forget to bring the photocopy too.
  • – Primary No Card Must Be Fiscal (NPWP)
  • – duplicate savings novels
  • – Duplicate Family Card
  • – Stamped 6 thousand

By the way, what are the deposit securities industries? One of them is Mandiri Deposit securities, Dengung Deposit securities, BNI Deposit securities, Valbury Deposit securities, Trimegah Deposit securities, Panin Deposit securities, and many more.

The selection of the deposit securities industry overseen by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) is correct. You can observe the complete notes on the OJK legitimate website directly.

3. Maximum budget up to the securities account

method of buying shares

The maximum up is also not to fill the account (Kompas)

At the beginning of this stock account, you will be asked to deposit a budget. The amount of funds varies, generally the minimum amount is IDR 5 million. But if the securities industry is a foreign industry, you might be asked to pay Rp. 10 to Rp. 50 million.

This payment will immediately activate your securities account. And you will also be given a login ID and pin to access the application used to buy shares.

4. Download the application to buy shares

You can download the stock trading application on the web of the deposit securities industry. Or if you want to play the shares using a cellphone, just try searching on Google Playstore or iStore.

First of all, you will be asked to install the application belonging to the deposit securities industry. Can be on a laptop or can also on a cellphone. If you are confused about the method of using the application, just go to the customer care industry for the deposit securities and ask to be taught.

5. Method of buying shares

method of buying shares

You don’t have to jiper before seeing the number of diagrams and designations that you don’t understand. All of them can be learned (Tempo)

An impact account already exists and the application has been installed. It is safe, you have got capital stock now. Eits, but don’t buy it right away.

Try asking yourself first, the purpose of buying shares for long or short time capital? If indeed you want to be an active stock trader, you must be able to analyze what stocks are uptrend, or face escalation.

But if you are vowed to invest in long-term capital, just think about buying blue chip stocks. Is that blue chip? What type of meal is that?

That is not a meal, blue chip shares are shares owned by large industries whose foundation has been strong, and the profits are normal. Already of course their stock prices will not fall in an extreme way on the money market. Some of the blue chip shares that you can buy are shares of Bank Central Asia (BBCA), BRI Bank (BBRI), Astra International (ASII), Unilever (UNVR), Salt Building (GGRM), and industry


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